Working together for a better future

Working together for a better future
At Pasimedia, we have become more and more interested in collaborating with projects with a positive impact. Maybe it’s a sign of a troubled time, or maybe it’s just the stage we are at, but it feels like there’s no better motivation than working together for a better future.

We know of many great initiatives out there making substantial efforts but not reaching their full potential because of poor design or UX. No matter how well structured a business is, today’s digital landscape requires exceptional design and technical support. We got the skills and motivation to be the digital partner that takes care of it.

Over the last couple of years, we have worked with small businesses that want to tackle social issues such as gender disparity, racism and inequality. These experiences were rewarding and humbling at the same time, giving us the special satisfaction of putting our creativity at the service of a good cause.  

Let’s take the case of Novak, a brilliant example of storytelling and technology pushing things forward. Novak was started by a group of female entrepreneurs aiming to increase gender awareness in big corporations and law firms. They all came from different backgrounds and still had experienced gender discrimination in work environments. We joined the quest and helped Novak design and develop an interactive online course on gender issues with an AI system that would grade users and evaluate their progress during a 2-week period. The course was a great educational success in big corporations such as HSBC or YPF, and more to come.

We’ve also developed branding and design for 80/20, a consulting agency with a focus on social issues. Its founders Meki and Pablo met many years ago while volunteering in a community centre. They have since taken different professional paths but came together during the pandemic willing to create something that would help in such a difficult time.

80/20 aims to build a bridge between organizations and communities, providing reliable data to make better decisions for the people. Among their first few projects, they worked for Fundación Varsky and are launching Punch, an initiative to help school dropouts sign up again.

When we work with inspiring people like those mentioned above, the drive for action and solidarity really gets you. So last year we started working on an internal project called Ronda.

Confronted with the scarce resources available in South America to teach young kids about diversity and race, Ine and her business partner Mercedes decided to do something about it. That’s how Ronda was born. A playful digital platform to introduce children to diversity and prevent bullying and discrimination practices later in their lives.

We kickstarted Ronda with a branding sprint where we built and tested a website prototype in just five days through intensive, collaborative workshops. With the visual identity defined and a beautiful, functional website, Ronda moved to the next stage and is now looking for funding.

Have you also felt the drive to get involved and push for positive change? Whether it’s about sustainability, gender, education, inclusion… We’d love to hear about your project and discuss how Pasimedia can help you grow in the right direction.