Pasimedia Landed in the coolest tech hub in London

Pasimedia Landed in the coolest tech hub in London
As you already know, we are born and raised in East London. When we first heard about Here East and the upcoming site of Plexal City, we knew instantly that we had to get our foot on the door.

Plexal is much more than a traditional co-working space.

Our company has three main departments that works hand by hand on a daily basis: Digital, Tech and Film. We believe that a flexible work environment and and inspiring people makes fascinating progress and creative achievements. That’ why we chose Plexal City, where office space takes different shapes in different areas. You have the meeting rooms lighten by enough natural light. You have the park and event space where you can go and lay down whenever it’s available. You have shared hot desks, an amazing option whenever you need a change of scenario for inspiration. I’ve personally worked in all these different spaces, and I love the freedom that this rotation gives me.

My name is Ying and I am a producer here at Pasimedia. As my profession dictates, I do everything and anything! At Plexal we not only found our home by also our partners. Shortly after August 2017, when we joined this space, we worked with our neighbors E&M Active on creating a 3D product video for 2 of their health products.

In this year 2018, we are looking to participate on one of their incubator programs of Plexiglass, “Woman who leads tech entrepreneurs”.

Along with that, in May 2018 we are looking into setting up our little corner in Plexal’s VR studio on the mezzanine floor.

With Pasimedia’s founder, Emi, we are constantly exploring how to make the business grow substantially into the tech and digital world. In Plexal we feel supported by its inspiring events, the networking gatherings and we are looking forwards to exploring their exciting incubation programs further.